Neo-Latin Dictionaries and Texts Online


Ein Wörterbuch des Lateinischen von Petrarca bis 1700, by Johann Ramminger (of the TLL)

Neo-Latin Lexicon Project


Adulescentia: The Eclogues of Baptista Mantuanus (1498), 2nd. ed., The Philological Museum, edited by Lee Piepho

An Analyic Bibliography of On-line Neo-Latin Texts, Dana F. Sutton, The University of California, Irvine

Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase (Various Ancient and Medieval Texts)

Bibliotheca Latina (Boccaccio, Buchanan, Camererarius, Erasmus, Vives, et al.)

Collection of Dutch Neo-Latin Literature

Corpus Thomisticum (Works of Thomas Aquinas, thirteenth century but still of importance in the Renaissance)

Database of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature

Erasmus’ Colloquia

IntraText Digital Library (over 700 texts, mostly Medieval and Renaissance)

Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library at Saint Louis University

Loebs Online

Neo-Latin Humanist Texts — Digital Book Index (1500s/1600s, w/translations)

Nova Vulgata (The Vatican’s New Latin Vulgate, originally from late Antiquity but indispensable for Renaissance Studies)

Papal Documents of Interest to the Latinist and/or Student of Philosophy, Religion, and the History of Ideas, compiled by John Piazza

Project Gutenberg (Classical Latin and Neo-Latin Texts)

The Latin Library (Classical Latin Texts)

The Latin Library (Medieval Texts)

The Latin Library (Neo-Latin Texts)

The Philological Museum: A site devoted to Humanistic Letters, principally British, published under the auspices of The Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham


Library of Humanistic Texts

Analytic Bibliography of On-line Neo-Latin Texts by Dana F. Sutton (access to more than 26,000 Neo-Latin texts)

Thesaurus Eruditionis
CAMENA – Corpus Automatum Multiplex Electorum neolatinitatis Auctorum
TERMINI – Structured Vocabulary of Early Modern Knowledge

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum (Corpus of Latin music theory from the Middle Ages and Renaissance)

Vives, Joan Lluís, De institutione foeminae christian[a]e . . . libri tres

University of Warwick, Society for Neo-Latin Studies (Neo-Latin Texts)